Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Abby Minard's Current Query

Before we get to Abby's letter, I just want to say I knew it. I knew there was something going on with the New Orleans Saints that was cheap and underhanded. They robbed my Vikings of our last best hope to win a Superbowl in the 2010 NFC Championship game (after the 2009 season). I could always tell something was rotten in Denmark, and now it's nice (actually - shitty) to know what was going on.

If you don't know what I'm on about, and you care, Google "Bounty Gate." It's gotten so bad, and that game in which the Vikings were robbed is such a perfect example of what was going on, that the NFL has cancelled a replay of that game that was supposed to occur this week.

I know, crying after the fact isn't well respected among sports fans. Sorry. End rant.

Now, do you guys know Abby Minard? Don't let my sports woes ramblings drive you away from meeting this awesome writer and blogger. She blogs at her self titled blog, which you can find, here.

Go follow her, you won't regret it. Back?

Here's her query:

Dear ______,

Holding her dying father in her arms is just the beginning for sixteen year old Nuala, a novice Ice Mage. Jarlath, a power hungry Earth Mage, murdered him. Worse, he has found a way to acquire the energy of all four Elements: Earth, Ice, Fire and Wind -- a feat that takes a terrible act of sacrifice and murder.

Nuala learns her mother’s suicide fifteen years ago enabled Jarlath’s rise in power. He now needs Nuala’s essence to complete what her mother did not finish. If he succeeds, it could mean the destruction of the delicate balance that holds the Elements and people of Tartha together. Nuala is given the only clue to defeating Jarlath, spoken by Mother Earth herself: “Not one with four, but four as one”.

The timid Ice Mage must now embark on a perilous journey in search of the key to solving the riddle while coming to terms with her father’s death and rumors of her mother’s betrayal. She meets three other Mages along the way who seem to be sent from the gods: an answer to her prayers. With every strike from Jarlath, the four Mages form an everlasting bond of friendship, taking them closer to the answer on how to defeat him. With that comes a choice: risk their Elements and possibly their lives to save Tartha, or save themselves and watch their world fall to the enemy.

ICESONG is a Young Adult Fantasy complete at 71,000 words and is available on your request. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Abby Minard

That's it!

Please feel free to say something to console me about my poor Vikings, or to make fun of me for being such a baby, but definitely be sure to thank Abby for having the courage to share her query letter so that we all can learn together. Please remember to save your feedback for tomorrow, too.



Sarah Pearson said...

I don't know anything about your kind of football, but I know this practice is wrong in any sport.

I'll be back tomorrow for the querying :-)

Mary said...

From what I've been reading, it sounds like New Orleans is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. It will be interesting to see what the Commissioner does about it.

Interesting query. Looking forward to seeing everyone's thoughts on it!

Rusty Webb said...

Just remember the Purple People Eaters in your sorrow.

The query sound very similar to Avatar to me (the cartoon, not the movie). Looking forward to tomorrow.

maine character said...

Cool query.

And wish Boba Fett were around to teach those guys what bounty hunting is all about.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I know Abby! She jumps right in with her query.
The bounty issue is like secretly videotaping calls - everyone does it, the Saints just got caught. And the commissioner is going to make an example of them.

Em-Musing said...

I hate that all this stuff is happening in sports. But once the pus in the wound is exposed and the wound healed, maybe sports can be what it's supposed to be. Wait, pus? Yuck! I have no idea what I'm talking about, but I feel your angst, Matt. I'll be back tomorrow for your critique, and mo more mention of pus.

Nancy said...

It's against nature that Vikings would be taken from, they are the pillagers-Oh wait not those kind of Vikings you say. Maybe I should go read the article. It sucks when wrong things occur that are so out of our sphere of power.

Tonja said...

The four elements reminded me of the Avatar (the cartoon) too. Will be back tomorrow.

farawayeyes said...

Hi Abby, nice to meet you. Thanks for sharing.

Unfortunately, all seems to be fair in love, war AND sports. Certainly, you're not surprised.

Kristen Wixted said...

Love that name, Jarlath. You can tell he's a bad dude.
Looks good, Abby!

Michael G-G said...

I haven't a clue about what you're going on about with Vikings and Saints, but it does sound epic. Sorry it made you cry.

I'll be there for you and Abby tomorrow.

Susan Fields said...

Thank you, Abby, for sharing your query with us!

I Googled Bounty Gate like you suggested. That's just so horrible. I remember one time watching my young daughter's soccer game where she was playing goalie and another player injured her and she had to leave the game. A parent from the opposing team actually cheered. I was so disgusted that a parent could actually celebrate something like that. I guess this sort of mentality starts young.

Jay Noel said...

I'm still ticked off about the Patriots cheating my Rams from the 2001 Super Bowel with Video-Gate. So I feel your pain.

As always, I'm eager to see what you have to say about Abby's query. Her story strongly reminds me of Avatar - The Last Airbender, but she went ancient Irish with her setting.

So her query has to be extra awesome in order to break away from such a comparison.

Colene Murphy said...

I can't help on the sports thingy. Sorry!
But go Abby!! Can't wait to see what you have to say, Matt!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Alex everyone does it. Sorry it made you cry but it happens on all teams. Which is sad it shouldn't be happening at all. But my saints are not the only ones doing it. And I can't wait till the whole thing blows up in the NFL's face and all the teams get caught. You can claim you don't have something like that on tv but doesn't make it true. Also doesn't always make it true that claiming someone else has it. I want to see what the investigation and proof show about what teams do and don't have.

Nancy Thompson said...

I don't read fantasy at all but that query makes for a fascinating read. And crying over football is nothing new to me. As a Seattle native, Matt, you should know the story of how the Pittsburgh SteAlers stole the Super Bowl from the Seahawks back in '05 due to a bad call. It's a bitter pill, to be sure, but we are comforted knowing who REALLY won that game.

Amber said...

This query sounds interesting.

I'm looking forward to the critique tomorrow.

Nicole Zoltack said...

I think the whole bounty thing is just awful. I mean, seriously? Paying your players extra for intentionally hurting someone? It's so wrong.

Abby Minard said...

Thanks for doing this, Matt! I'm eager to see what you have to say about it. It's funny, I had never even heard of that Avatar show when I started writing my book. It wasn't until I had finished it and that movie came out that I heard about the cartoon as well. (It took me quite some time to write it - kids and life get in the way ;p)

Christina Lee said...

I have no words about the NFL thing, just...*sigh*.

Oh and Abby the four elements--niiiice!

Donna K. Weaver said...

Sorry about the football thing. Makes me glad I don't watch it anymore.

Intriguing story.

DL Hammons said...

All the NFL teams do it...the Saints just got caught.

I liked Abby's query, even though its not my genre of choice.

Anonymous said...

I saw that New Orleans thing in the paper this morning. Stupid shit, and I don't care about football.

Carrie Monroe said...

The Vikes were totally robbed at that game. I also think we should have gone for the three points before that play where we lost ground and then lost the game.

Hi Abby. Thanks for posting your query.

Dianne K. Salerni said...

Vikings? That's football, right?
*scratches head*

Hello to Abby! I'll come back tomorrow to comment. If I don't remember, I hope Matt will remind me.

I've been a little preoccupied with editing/revising lately.

Jessica Salyer said...

Sounds like an interesting story. Thanks for sharing it with us Abby. Can't wait to see what Matthew has to say tomorrow.

M Pax said...

At least you're not a Bills fan. :-\

Hi Abby. Sounds like a great story.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Abby. I like the sound of this story. :)

Eek. I just Googled Bounty-Gate. So, so wrong. :(

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

I'm googling Bounty Gate right now.

Jamie Gibbs said...

I've no heard for sport, but there-there. Shall get myself acquainted with bounty gate now :)

I like Abbys' story, it's got an interesting concept. Looking forward to the critique :)

Kristen Pelfrey said...

Matthew, I commiserate. Honor in sports is something I value, and I know that you do, too, because it reflects honor in life.
I am a fan of elements.