Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Bit of American Idol and then Mostly Glee

I stayed home sick from work today so I didn't do my normal 6AM post. Sorry about that everybody. Also I've been told that my blog was broken this morning so sorry to anyone who stopped by and found the comments all gone and no ability to post new ones. It did that to me last night as well.

I still intend to keep the blog going and will still be having Rachele Alpine from Freckle Head doing an awesome guest post on Friday, so be sure to come back then.

Anyway I'm still feeling a bit ill so I'm just going to talk briefly about the television we watched as a family last night.

American Idol:

This is my first seasons watching the show. I'll admit I get a little distracted but my daughters love it and I love them so I try to watch. That being said I'll give my opinion here:

My favorite contestant is Siobhan. She's not the most polished singer. She doesn't have the best stage presence. But her style is unique and I consider her voice to have the most potential. Her range is incredibly dynamic and her sound belts from all the way down at her diaphragm, reverberating across the room.

I realize Crystal Bowersox has to be the favorite right now and SHE IS good. Damn good. But she's a bit ... flat. I mean she sings her ass off and can play the hell out of the guitar but to be a star she needs something more unique that I feel is missing. I like her a lot and her performances have been very strong but...

I missed last week so when I heard Big Mike got saved I was like WTF!?! Dude is a great but not amazing singer but I love his personality SO much.

Otherwise Lee Dewyze has the coolest voice. Almost like Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20 singing "So Smooth". Anyone agree?


This season's opener did not quite live up to the level of quality that last season brought to the table. But it still rocked.

Maybe it's because I was a nerdy D&D fencing club type of dude in HS, but Rachel is awesome! Sure she's the best singer and performer on the show, but it's her presence as an actress that grabs me. She's beautiful, yes, but she also (the character) is willing to be proud of who she is and not conform to the expectations of other students. That I like for my daughters to see.

The part I don't like is how she's so wishy washy about boys. I understand she's insecure and that does ring true for her character but it's a bad thing for them to see I think. Oh well at least it gives mom and me an excuse to talk to them about what kind of things they should be willing to put up with, see: not much.

Did anyone else notice that the opposing coach is basically a grown up Rachel? Physically? I hated her for a second and then she liked dropped this caring, honest, REAL knowledge on Mr. Shuster and I was like DAMN!

Anyway that's my two cents on it. I don't watch much TV besides sports myself but my kids love these shows and I have to admit I'm getting into them too.

Tomorrow it's back to bad queries and then don't forget to stop back by for Rachele Alpine's awesome successful query guest post on Friday.


Shannon said...

Hi Matt,

Glad to see the blog is up and you're okay.

I don't watch a lot of TV either, but I do watch American Idol and this season is just...meh.

About the save:
While I agree that "Big Mike" appears to be a good person, the cynic in me thinks the reason they saved him was for a ratings boost. Last week, Dancing with the Stars had more viewers than American Idol, so I suspect the save may have been ratings driven. I hate that I think that way sometimes.

As far as Glee goes...I resisted watching until last night. And yep - I'm hooked. It's entirely too much fun to watch.

KM said...

I love Glee. Last season blew me away. I agree that this premiere wasn't as great as it maybe could have been (Where was Quinn and Puck?!), but I loved the bit with Finn and Rachel. The teacher for Vocal Adrenaline is Idina Menzel, who made Elphaba and, consequently, "Wicked" very famous (see: Broadway lol). She totally looks like Rachel! I thought the same thing watching it.

Love that another blogger watches "Glee"! :)

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Angie Paxton said...

Love Glee! I would proudly announce from the rooftops that I am a Gleek! Part of what attracts me to the show are those moments of touchingly honest humanity, like last season when Sue let the girl with Down Syndrome onto the cheer squad and no one could figure out why until a later scene showed Sue visiting her special needs sister or when the kids performed Imagine with the choir from a school for the deaf.

JustineDell said...

Yeah, I was concerned when I didn't see your post this morning in my blog roll. Glad you are okay.

I can't believe this is your first American Idol season!! Where have you been?!?!? Under a rock? LoL ;-) This is actually my first season NOT watching it. As a matter of fact, I don't watch any TV now. Everything else...err writing...has taken over.

Feel better!

Bish Denham said...

I get frustrated with AI. I mean I think of people like Bob Dylan or George Harrison or maybe Ricki Lee Jones who would never have made the grade. Talent seems to be all about how loud you can sing a song or how many notes you can cram into a couple of bars. To me there's a lot more to talent than that.

Emily White said...

Sorry to hear that you're sick. I'm sending you e-chicken soup. Yum!

I must admit that I'm not much of a TV watcher, so I don't know a thing about American Idol and Glee. I know. It's amazing. :)

By the way, I awarded you the Sunshine Award at my blog for being such an amazing commenter. :)

MissV said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Hope you had a chance to rest up today.

Haven't seen American Idol for a couple seasons, but then I'm a musical ignoramus so I couldn't really tell you who was rockin' or not.

Get well!


I may have misread your post, but if this really is your season watching the show, I should tell you, AI was muuuch better when Paula Abdul was a judge. She had much better chemistry with Simon than either Kara or Ellen do, and that led to some great moments. And you can tell Glee is a major hit since everyone, everywhere is talking about it.

Jonathon Arntson said...

Glad to see you back. I thought you had run for the hills.

GLEE is amazing, I am a few eps away from the end of the first DVD release...Vol. 1, is it? I doubt I'll get all caught up for this season's finale, but I'll shoot for the premiere of Season 2.

Is Blogger being a dick to you too? Maybe it has swine flu.

Courtney Barr - The Southern Princess said...

SO happy you are back up and running!!

I was ecstatic that GLEE was back. I, like you, felt there was something missing or lacking but even a GLEE that is 80% of a previous is still 100% better than some other shows ;o)

Sorry you don't feel good and well if the Blogger Gremlins snuck over here and messed with your and water! You know how those Gremlins are ;o)

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Falen said...

haven't watched glee yet so i skipped that part of your post.
as for AM Idol, we gave up on watching that a few seasons ago (though we still watch hollywood week since that was always our favorite part)