Thursday, September 12, 2013

Traci Kenworth's Current Query

Hey ya'll, happy Thursday! Sorry this is going up so late, but I got into the office late today. Anyway, today we have Traci's query. If you don't know her, drop by her blog and say hello!

The letter:



Eighteen-year-old Native-American, Thomas Skyhawk wants out of the Supernatural hunter business. Since a failed mission three years ago, he’s wrestled with being an Akara guard, but he can’t simply walk away from a job that’s been his family’s occupation for generations. There’s also his padina, or blood brother, to consider. They’ve come up through the ranks together, leaving would be a betrayal of that friendship. Thomas always met the challenges before but now, a new creature has been born into the 2021 eastern Tennessee lands, one who knows Thomas’s name, and marks him and those he loves for death.

To make matters worse, his people are becoming uncomfortably close to the local ghost population, his own mother turns out to be a witch hell-bent on his destruction, and his longlost half-sister has been groomed by a cult to infiltrate and destroy his village. In a world where enemies lurk beneath even the friendliest faces, Thomas must use everything he has to not only survive but to save his people from an evil that threatens to engulf them.

I’m a Lit Intern at Month9Books. I blog at

LIFE AS THE WALKING DEAD is a NA Horror manuscript at 72,000 words. I believe it would appeal to the fans of ghost-hunter, Cas, Anna Dressed in Blood and Girls of Nightmares by Kendare Blake as well perhaps, to those of the hit CW show, Supernatural.


Traci Crites

Writing as Traci Kenworth

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