Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tamara Walsh's Current Query

Today we have Tamara's query for her manuscript THE WORLD NEXT DOOR.

Here's the letter:

Dear Agent,

Luc’s childhood is destroyed the night his best friend, Auri, falls through a rip in the fabric of Trillua and disappears into a parallel world—our world. Luc soon discovers he’s still connected to Auri through his dreams. In them he watches her grow from a lost, lonely child into a beautiful sixteen year old girl who doesn’t trust anyone. When the leaders of Trillua discover a way to travel to Earth, Luc risks banishment from the home and family he loves to hijack a spot on their Mission and rescue Auri. But Auri doesn't remember Luc or Trillua. She’s built a new life for herself--one that includes a baby foster brother and sister she's determined to take care of.

Luc has one month before the Portal back home closes again--one month to convince Auri she belongs with him. But as the clock ticks down, the leaders of Trillua realize that Luc's proximity to Auri has somehow made him faster, stronger and almost invulnerable to pain or injury. Luc's unheard of powers are too much like magic--something punishable by death in his world. The leaders demand he immediately Portal home to be examined as a potential danger to Trillua. Forcing Auri to travel before she accepts the truth of her forgotten past could destroy her mind, but the leaders have threatened to exile Luc's family into the treacherous Outerlands if he doesn't return. Now Luc must choose. Abandon the girl he was born to love, or save the family who’s depending on him for their survival?

The World Next Door is a YA light sci-fi romance with series potential, complete at 95,000 words. I believe it would appeal to fans of Alyson Noel’s Immortal series.

I’ve written twenty-five articles for the local paper (The GA Harbor Sound) and been published in Woman’s World Magazine. Thanks for your time and consideration! I look forward to hearing back from you.


Tamara Walsh

That's it.

Please thank Tamara for sharing this with us, and save your feedback for tomorrow. Thanks!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Covers several genres. I'll be back!

Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

Good luck Tamara!

Nancy Thompson said...

I'm on the road tomorrow (or in the sky rather) but I'll try to make it back. Thanks for sharing, Tamara!

Bryan Russell said...


Bish Denham said...

Sounds many layered.

Angela Brown said...

Hmmmm...*rubbing hands at the intrigue*

Look forward to the critique and thank you, Tamara, for putting your query up for crit.

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

I shall be back tomorrow to see what can be said.

Anonymous said...

Love the title. Nice.

tamw said...

Thanks so much everyone!! Thanks Matt!