Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer Frey's Current Query

Yes, I'm still technically on hiatus, but Summer is a friend, and she's getting ready to query, so when she asked me to take a look, I couldn't possibly say no. So I'm putting her query up today, and will be critiquing it tomorrow, because while I could have done it privately, I always think hearing from multiple people is much more helpful.

Now, you all remember the rules, right? If you don't know Summer, go visit her blog, become a follower, and come back here.


Here's her query:

Dear Agent,

Ellery Benedek knows three things:

1) How to piss off her mother.
2) How to trainwreck a career.
3) How to get out of prison.

The first she comes by honestly, just another dysfunctional mother-daughter pair in a line of Siren women butting heads since the dawn of man. The second is a direct by-product of that dysfunctional relationship: when her mother made a deal with a devil, she got Ellery in return. And when that deal results with Ellery compelled to rip the heart from a patient’s chest, Ellery finds herself sentenced to rot in the belly of Castigo, a prison hidden from humankind where Hallow deviants are sent to die.

After some not-so-divine intervention from Daddy Dearest, ex-doctor and now ex-con Ellery is completely unemployable, but desperate for a break in the hellish monotony of freedom. Enter Roman Vassilikos, a shady P.I. in need of Ellery’s questionable morals and ability to bend any will to her own. Hallow women gone missing are turning up dead, maimed and dumped for the humans to find. Desperate to keep this hunt for the Hallow off her resume of failure, Ellery plows headlong in a darkening web of conspiracy, dominion, and the potential genocide of all Hallow women. As her investigation begins to reveal familiar faces in all the wrong places, Ellery realizes that she may not be the only Siren singing up shit creek. With the path to revelation growing narrower by the hour, Ellery will have to decide what price she’s willing to pay for the truth: life, or a life worth living.

ALL THAT REMAINS is a 92,000 word urban fantasy set in the rural backwoods of coastal Georgia.

That's it.

Okay. Please remember to save your feedback for tomorrow, make sure you followed Summer's blog, and then thank her in the comments for sharing this with us. Oh, and come back tomorrow for all the red.


Creepy Query Girl said...

Oooh, I thought this sounded really intriguing. This is already a pretty decent query. Looking forward to what you have to say Matt!

Sarah said...

Followed! I'll be back tomorrow.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I know Summer!!

Summer Frey said...

"All the red"--oh noes! ;)

Thanks again for having me, Matt!

Jemi Fraser said...

Hi Summer - sounds like a fun story!

Angela Brown said...

So exciting. Can't wait for tomorrow's critique. Thanks, Summer, for allowing Matt to share this with us.

Nancy Thompson said...

Excited to see this up today. Be back tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

92K?! Way to do it, Summer!

Donna Hole said...

Oh wow. I'm already intrigued.


TL Conway said...

Nice query, Summer!

And seriously, high fives and kudos to everyone who has the hutzpah to submit their query. Yes, everyone is SUPERDUPER helpful and kind, but just thinking of it makes my palms sweat.

Brava, Summer--and everyone else!

Lydia Kang said...

Sounds like a great premise. Let the query critiquing begin!

Jenny Morris said...

Excited to see what you have to say. Story sound great!