Thursday, October 9, 2014

Andrea Franco-Cook's Current Query Revised

Today we have a revision for Andrea Franco-Cook's query, which we had a look at in August.

The query:

Dear Agent,

Soledad Mendoza is mankind's last hope. At least that's what the winged Mayan god who shows up after her father's death tells her. But she is an unlikely hero. The young English professor doesn't understand why a god would choose a person whose weakness for scotch makes her a prime candidate for a twelve-step program. Growing up in the sleepy town of Charleston, West Virginia never prepared her for anything like this.

In the 1500s the Mayan God secretly entrusted her conquistador ancestor with the Ouroboros Amulet, a weapon containing the power of Heaven, which only one Mendoza descendant can wield. Too bad, her father took the amulet's location to his grave.

That's only the beginning of her troubles. She learns that her late father's friend, U.S. Senator Earl Edmondson, is aligned with a malevolent god who will assure the politician's ascendance to the presidency. Knowing that his only obstacle is the amulet that Soledad seeks, the senator turns his dark eye on her.

As her enemies converge, the winged god offers a strategy to help, but his motives aren't exactly noble. Soledad discovers that she is merely a pawn in a supernatural game of treachery. If she is to stop Edmondson from ascending to the White House, she must find the amulet and the strength within herself to defeat him, or there will be Hell on Earth.

Pawn of The Gods is a completed 95,000 word Urban Fantasy novel, and it is the first of a planned trilogy. This tale of an ordinary English professor caught in a battle between good and evil, flashes between the sixteenth and twenty-first centuries, blending Spanish history with Mayan lore and apocalyptic Christian beliefs.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.


Andrea Franco-Cook

That's it!

Please thank Andrea for sharing, and save your feedback for tomorrow.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Round two, Andrea! Be back tomorrow.

Huntress said...

Looks interesting. Not a lot to crit. Can't wait to see Mat's critique, lol