Thursday, August 14, 2014

Andrea Franco-Cook's Current Query

Today we have Andrea Franco-Cook's current query. If you don't know Andrea, you should visit her blog and give it a follow.

Now, the query:

Dear Agent,

Brief personal opening here-catered to agent.

An ancient evil looms over Soledad Mendoza, although she just doesn't know it. For thirty years the widowed English professor has lived in the sleepy city of Charleston, West Virginia. Her boredom and loneliness are often drowned in nightly jiggers of scotch and lesson plans. But all this changes when her father's sudden death plunges her into a supernatural war, and a secret family history that began in a Mayan jungle during the sixteenth-century.

Enter U.S. Senator Earl Edmondson—a friend of her late father and a key power player in this war. His pact with a malevolent god all but assures the senator's ascendance to the presidency. However, his unholy aspirations are threatened when he discovers Soledad is set to inherit the Ouroboros amulet—a mystical weapon of indescribable power.

Just as her enemies are converging, in walks a Mayan winged-god , who may be her salvation or her damnation. He claims to have been her family's protector for centuries, but Soledad soon realizes she is merely a pawn in the god's supernatural game of treachery. As she struggles with her new found responsibility, Soledad must accept her fate and use the amulet against Edmondson if she hopes to stop him from taking over the White House. There's just one problem, her father took the weapon's location to his grave.

Pawn of The Gods is a completed 95,000 word Adult Urban Fantasy novel, and it is the first of a planned series. This tale of an ordinary English professor who is caught in a battle between good and evil flashes back and forth between the Sixteenth and twenty-first centuries, blending Spanish history with Mayan lore and apocalyptic Christian beliefs.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.


Andrea Franco-Cook

That's it!

Please thank Andrea for sharing, and like me, save your feedback for tomorrow.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Interesting mix. Will be back tomorrow.

Dianne K. Salerni said...

Hi, Andrea! Can't wait to see what Matt has to say!

mshatch said...

I'll be back tomorrow, too :)

Andrea Franco-Cook said...

Thanks for posting my letter, Matt. I really hope you can help me figure out how to improve it. Looking forward to reading your comments and suggestions.