Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Write On Con 2013

2013 Y'all

I know some of you might remember me being kind of depressed about WriteOnCon last year, and I'm not saying that having another year with no agent is awesome or anything, but I'm trying to go in with a better attitude this time. I've already had one partial request for RUNNING FROM RUBY RIDGE, which is great, but I'm also just trying to enjoy helping other writers. That's why I started this old blog in the first place, anyway.

For now, I would really appreciate if all of you would visit my threads, and give me feedback on what I've shared. You've got:


The first 250 words of RUNNING FROM RUBY RIDGE

The first five pages of RUNNING FROM RUBY RIDGE

and my Intro Post, which mostly just leads back here and to some other cool query related stuff.

Otherwise, I think all you writers should get involved too! Go sign up. Jump into the forums, and get involved.

And feel free to link to anything you've put up over there in the comments here. I would love to visit all of you as well!


Mia Hayson said...

Count on me to read all of those and respond accordingly! I am ON IT.

This year I might put up something. I am teetering on the edge. So! If you see anything in YA by Mia totally don't leave me hanging forever.


Sarah Ahiers said...

I'd love to hear who you got the partial from! I'm super excited for you (and i think it's well overdue)

I'm skipping WOC this year. I'm not quite ready to query and i know if i jump into the WOC waters, it will either get me super excited to query (and i may query too soon) or make me sad that i'm not querying yet. Since i want to avoid both those feels, i'm stating away

Jared Larson said...

I'm going to head over and read your stuff when I get off work, Matt. I still have not had the privilege to read it yet. Very excited. Thanks for this, Matt.

Here are my links to a WiP: (almost done)


First 250:

5 Pages:

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

A partial request? That's awesome!

Scribbles From Jenn said...

I agree with Alex, a partial request is awesome! I count any forward movement as success!

Melanie Schulz said...

Congrats on the request- keep us posted!

Sheena-kay Graham said...

Congrats on the request and it's great that you're taking part in this.

Charlie Holmberg said...

Good luck on the partial request!

Niki Moss said...

This year was my first full experience with WriteOnCon. I've lurked around it in the past, but this was the first time I've been ready to participate. It was wonderful. EXHAUSTING, both mentally and emotionally, but completely worth it.

I've just checked out your query letter, and it sounds GREAT to me. Best of luck with it! I hope you land your dream agent soon.

My query is here: if anyone is interested. Even though the conf. is over, I'm still working hard to revise, and would love any feedback anyone has to give.

Jessica L. Celaya said...

Your positive attitude is awesome. Sometimes that makes all the difference. And you have helped me and a lot of other writers, that means a lot. Keep up the good work helping and writing and I hope this year is your year for awesome agent-finding-ness.