Monday, May 3, 2010

Guest Blog Update

I don't really have time to do another awesome post this morning so I'm sort of going to cheat and just do a recap/update about guest blogging.

I am so glad that Justine and I came up with this idea (as if we're the first to have ever thought of it). Ever since her fist guest post Fridays have become by far the most successful and fun day not only to run this blog but to read it as well - okay that last part is surely assumption on my part - but hey, why not?

So first I just want to recap the awesome guest bloggers we have had so far. Please be sure to read these posts if you have not already and also to visit the blogs of the authors:


KATANA by Cole Gibsen

CANARY by Rachele Alpine

TREASURED LIES by Michelle McLean

and DEAD IN THE CORNER OF MY BEDROOM by Jessica AKA The Alliterative Allomorph

Also don't forget to check out Michelle Mclean's Non-Fiction query and submission guest post: HOMEWORK HELPERS: ESSAYS AND TERM PAPERS

I think these have all been really great guest posts and I would like to thank all the writers and authors who were brave enough to share them with us. I know that I have already learned a lot from them and I hope that they have helped all of you at least a little bit as well.

Now, I am very excited because we have some more equally awesome writers and author's guest posts coming up soon. As you see above this week is going to be Lisa and Laura Roecker with their query for LIAR SOCIETY.

So that will be Lisa and Laura Roecker on Friday May 7th.

Then we have Katie AKA Creepy Query Girl on Friday May 14th.

Who will be followed by the hilarious Candace of The Misadventures in Candyland on Friday May 21st.

EDIT: Elana Johnson has agreed to take part as well and will be sharing her query on Friday May 28th.

EDIT: Suzette Saxton has also agreed to take part and will be sharing her query on Friday June 4th.

All of these should be very entertaining and hopefully a little educational as well.

That being said I'm looking to continue adding other writers to the calendar. I have occasionally corresponded with greatness in the likes of Elana Johnson and Suzette Saxton but I'm a little too intimated to have asked them if they were interested in doing a post. I'm working on screwing up the courage.

In the meantime please let me know if you have any suggestions. I would like to get enough guest posts scheduled so that I can start doing it twice a week (because it will give me more time to revise my own WIP). Remember you don't have to be published or even agented, just have a finished MS and a query that was good enough to earn you a request from an agent. Then we'll break it down together, or whatever, you all know the drill.

So I guess that's it for today. Thanks for stopping by as always and feel free to email me (in my blogger profile) if you don't want to say something in the comments.


Slamdunk said...

I did not realize you have had so many in this series.

I have only used guest bloggers a few times, but was surprised at how much work it entails with the coordination and stuff.

Keep up the good work.

Vicki Rocho said...

Funny, I've been wondering if I missed some in this series. Turns out I've seen them all. Yay! I hate feeling like I'm the last one to the cool kids' party!

Old Kitty said...


Oh wow! I'm very new to your blog so I'm glad you've sort of bunched them all together here!

Thank you. And good luck with your future guest blogs - the line up looks amazing!

I shall mosey along away to explore these links now.

Take care

Jessica Bell said...

Oh freakin fairdinkumly fantastic-o superduperman! Can't wait to read Katie's and Candace's - two of my favourite bloggers!

I don't know much about Lisa and Laura, so I'm looking forward to getting to know them too!


Bish Denham said...

I look forward to more letters.

Joanne Brothwell said...

Hey Matthew, did I read correctly - are you looking for guests to post their query letters?

Let me know - I have a completed ms and it was requested by an editor at Simon and Schuster. (no response yet)

Candyland said...

Hilarious? Surely you jest. But woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!Excited for the 21st! (And I've seen LiLa's bits before on Elana's Query to the Call. Should be great)

Laura Pauling said...

There's nothing wrong with a recap post! It's fun reading query letters! And I love guest bloggers. Fun.

Lydia Kang said...

Hey Matt! The series is awesome. And work up that courage to get Suzette and Elana to guest blog. They're not scary!

Matthew MacNish said...

Update: Michelle McLean convinced me to find the courage to ask them so I sent Elana and Suzette both an email this morning.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Thanks for the recap. I'd missed most of those.

Jaydee Morgan said...

I love these guest posts and I'm looking forward to your upcoming guests.

Creepy Query Girl said...

Thanks Matt. I think this is a great idea and really helpful to those that are formulating some of their first querries. I look forward to the other guest spots as well as sitting down for bloffee (ok-I made up a word for hanging out on a particular person's blog while drinking coffee) with you on the 14th!:)

Creepy Query Girl said...

PS- thanks to you, I'm totally addicted to 'Glee'. I'm only about 5 episodes into the streaming but the music totally brings me back and its a hilarious show so thanks for the heads up!

Talli Roland said...

That's awesome, Matthew! Thanks so much for all the hard work you've put into this. I'm loving reading these posts!

Tracy said...

I feel so proud to have been here to see the very first guest post forward, lol

I don't qualify yet, because I've only gotten a partial request, not a full. But I'm working on it, Matthew. I'm working on it! ;o)

Sarah Ahiers said...

i love the guest posts! it's a nice counter to your own posts - i love to hear what you and others have heard from agents

Tahereh said...

SO COOL! can't wait for the upcoming fridays!!


Courtney Barr - The Southern Princess said...

You have some wonderful bloggers/authors coming up Matthew! I have already enjoyed so many and now I am excited for even more!!!

Wonderful ;o)

Visit My Kingdom Anytime

MBW aka Olleymae said...

I've got to check out all these links!!

Love your background by the way. Love it.

Roni Loren said...

Matthew, saw your comment on Christine's blog about the Beta Club. If you have a revised version you'd prefer me to crit, just send it over. I don't do the crits until the day before usually, so feel free to swap it out. A few people have already done this, so it's no big deal. :)

Shannon said...

Exciting list coming up, Matt! I can't wait to read them. Well done. :)

Lindsay said...

Wow, great guest posts of the past and more to come. Matthew you spoil us.:)

Zoe C. Courtman said...

You're doing a great job, man - I love reading the guest blogs and your queries. I hope to join the roster of successful query posts sometime in the future! And thanks for commenting on my blog today (I've actually changed the entire post, by the way, since you read it. Hazards of being a pantzer while blogging. Heh.)

Mia Hayson said...

I'll be honest, I fell behind a bit on the guest posts so thanks for this! Now I can find the ones I missed :~)

Unknown said...

Wow look at you!!! I need to back track and take a look at all of these, it seems I could have missed some awesome stuff!!!

Way to showcase people, that's so nice!!!

I'm excited about interviewing Talli Roland and having her on my blog, it will be my first ever!

Matthew MacNish said...

Wow that's great! Talli's awesome and so are you Jen.

Anonymous said...

thanks for great informations It's a wonderful