This feels a little pretentious to me, but my daughter Kylie says that I say a lot of clever things, so here are a few of the least lame ones:

"If you don't share your writing with others then you're not really writing, you're just writing shit down."

"Characters are not caricatures, they're people."

"Writing Fiction is just telling the truth about things that never happened."

Writing about cold weather:
"I love that every snowflake is utterly unique, just like the soul of every person, and when you catch one on your tongue it melts into warm comfort just like holding the hand of a loved one."

That's it so far. If you notice me saying something profound, please point it out! Trust me, it's quite rare. 

And here I'm going to start adding quotes from other writers I know, just to prove I'm not all ego.

"I am inspired by interaction. The space between two people. The possibility. The chaos. One person alone can think and do great things. Two people? Ah. Infinite potential." - Sarah Fine.

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Author Joshua Hoyt said...

Great quotes! I like the one about writing fiction. We are so unique it always amazing how many unique stories we all have inside of us.