Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wheel in the Sky

It's a strange feeling for someone as long winded as I am but I have no idea what to write about this morning. I could just not post but currently I am in so in love with blogging and the interaction with my friends that is really not an option. Kind of like calling out of work and admitting you're hungover.

Anyway I did watch Glee. Now that we have U-Verse and a DVR we have been recording it and watching the next day because that much excitement at 10PM is just a little too much for Madison, my 8 year old, even in the summer. It was the season finale and it was pretty good but still didn't live up to my expectations. They did miss out on one grand opportunity. The kids did a Journey medley for their performance at regionals and while it was decent they didn't even do the best song. Everyone knows that Wheel in the Sky is the most epic Journey Ballad and I can't believe they didn't cover it. Oh well.

In other notes and updates I'm in a good mood this morning because I ran into an old crush on Facebook. I moved to Minnesota just before 6th grade and of course entered a new school. There was a girl there named Charlie who I fell madly in love with within the first few days. I was a nerd who played dungeons and dragons and wrote stories so of course she ignored me. I was devastated for the next few months.

Long story short her family photos on Facebook are filled with rugrats, and the whole family, including mom, are wearing bright orange hunting vests, camo, and holding rifles. She is still a pretty lady and I'm sure they have a happy family but it's kind of nice to know things never would have worked out as my childhood hopes and dreams had fantasized imagined.

So, now that I have thoroughly dated and embarrassed myself what else is there to say? Critique group is going very well. I'm actually discovering that I'm pretty good at giving feedback on others' writing and my partners have already told me that my questions and comments are making a difference for them. The idea that I'm helping others make their writing better, even if only a tiny bit, is pretty cool.

Otherwise the most important thing this week is of course that you all make sure you come back tomorrow for Hilary's guest post. I have not read NIGHTSHADE CITY yet, of course, but from her query I can say that Hilary clearly has a charming and entertaining story on her hands. Learn a bit about how she landed her agent when she posts her query here tomorrow.

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Jessica Bell said...

Oh gosh, I have come accross quite a few old flames on FB. Not pretty. So glad I never stayed with them. My instincts to leave those relationships certainly were spot on. THANKFULLY.

Glad your critique group is going well. I think you'll help your own writing too by giving others feedback. I find it helps me sometimes, because I realise that I'm not doing what I preach! :-)

Will be back tomorrow, of course.

Ted Cross said...

Come on! D&D lovers were the coolest people around, and anyhow it sure increased ones vocabulary.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You're right - Wheel in the Sky is Journey's signature song.

And if you're a D&D geek, it only works if you find a girl who's also a D&D geek!

Will Burke said...

I'm afraid to look-up ex's on FB; I cut ties for a reason! A little curious, but many couldn't take no for an answer, and FB stalking could get ugly!

JE said...

Facebook is awesome. Why aren't you my friend? :-P It's funny to catch up with all those people.

PS. You need to tell me how to do the strike through. I could Goggle it, but I'm too lazy. ;-)


Vicki Rocho said...

Your FB story reminded me of my crush in high school - Brian. I started to type it out here but it's too long so I'll have to save it for a regular post (probably a Mock Me Monday contender). But that leaves me with nothing to say...despite lines and lines of text here. I'll come back and read tomorrow!

Bethany Elizabeth said...

I'm not exactly a big Glee watcher, but you're right, Wheel in the Sky is one of the best. Maybe they couldn't get the rights or something? I don't know, I'm not sure how all that works!
It's interesting how old crushes work out, isn't it? That 'what was I even thinking?' feeling. :)

Unknown said...

Oh the world of facebook... need I say more???

I'll be back for the guest post tomorrow for sure! You always have the best guest posts!

Anne Gallagher said...

You never know what you're going to find on FaceBook.

Candyland said...

So cute you found an old love. The only want I'd want to find is so mysterious, he'd never be caught online (go figure).

Christina Lee said...

I love your old flame story. Good fodder for your next YA book, don't 'cha think?

Slamdunk said...

FB is good for reconnecting with old friends--sounds like nice story for you.

Now beyond the reconnecting, I view FB as an immense time waster with Farmville, etc.

Jaydee Morgan said...

You hit on something with the critiques. By giving critiques, you learn how to spot the same mistakes in your own. I think there's a ton to learn by giving others feedback.

Renae said...

I have had so many high school classmates crawl out of the woodwork since joining facebook. It's crazy.
I can't wait to read your post tomorrow. You do have the best guests!

Lindsay said...

Glad the crit group is going well. It's such a fantastic thing giving and getting feedback. I squeed the other day when my CP said they loved a line I loved. lol. I'm so sad. :)

Kimber said...

My high school years were not the best. I was the nerdy girl who wore combat boots with dresses, always had my nose buried in a book and wore way too much eye liner. It might be interesting to hunt down the school bullies on FB and see what they're up to now.

Erica Mitchell said...

Thanks for following :D
Oh, I could not help but literally laugh out loud (nearly spit my drink out) on your FB experience. I think that FB is a great way to find out how destiny actually works and how many bullets we potentially dodged. Had a few of those experiences when the 10 year reunion rolled around.
That reminds me I need to watch the latest episode of Glee, and yeah that is the best Journey song ;) K, off to link you now.

Sarah Ahiers said...

oooh i wanted them to do Wheel in the Sky so bad!

Tahereh said...

omg i know what you mean. i had a huge blanking-out moment last night, too, and was SO EXHAUSTED i could barely think straight. i had a bunch of really good ideas, but nothing i could follow-through with because my brain was just SO TIRED.

sleep is a marvelous thing.

hehe happy to hear that your love-interest-that-got-away wasn't right for you in the end.


Old Kitty said...


Oh it's great to know your critique group is going well for all of you! Yay!

And what a sweet story about finding your old crush on facebook. I always say that things happen for a reason and maybe at that time when you were devastated that she ignored you, it all didn't make sense. Now that you see how both your lives have panned out - well everything just falls into place! Lovely!

Looking forward to tommorrow's guest blog!

take care

Arlee Bird said...

I guess Glee ended the season appropriately-- left it wide open for a whole new season of conflict and romantic intrigue. Actually, I did think the "Bohemian Rhapsody" routine was slicker.

No old flames on FB, but finding a lot of old classmates that I didn't really know. They all like to play Farmville and such other crap so there's little interaction with them.

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