Friday, June 4, 2010

Blogging Announcement!

Hey sorry for the trickery but I used that exciting title to try to entice some of you to come read ... again.

I'm going to try something different this weekend, partly to make up for no guest blogger today and partly just to see how it works.

I do want to make a very serious point first. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all my blogging buddies. All the other novice writers and even agented but unpublished authors out there who show love and support are so cool ... I'm not even sure I know how to properly express my thanks. I'm not going to do links here because I'm on a iMac here at home and my keyboard is basically pretty effed up but ... there are some particular people I would like to thank:

Justine Dell. We met on NB's forums. She was one of the first to give my query an honest crit. She was my first guest poster. She is my FBFITB.

Cole Gibsen. Cole is the coolest writer/samurai/ninja/homegirl that you have never met. She was my second guest blogger and though she is not YET published her crazy awesome debut novel KATANA is due out in 2012. Right Cole?

Rachele Alpine. Rachele is an English Teacher AND an MFA student and she is also going to be published soon. Her debut novel CANARY is on submission and shall be published soon. She rules because she is very helpful with crits and has a wonderful positive attitude.

Bish Denham. I won't go into details but Bish was the first one to "show me the ropes" of blogging and what kind of behavior is acceptable, what is borderline, and how to respect your fellow bloggers. She was honest and real and I truly appreciate it.

The Alliterative Allomorph. Jessica is one of the best ever because she had the stones to email me and ask if I was ignoring her on purpose (I hope it's okay to share about this Jess! I love ya!). I wasn't but I WAS new to blogging and had never followed her even though she commented on like my whole second week's worth of posts. If she hadn't said something I would have missed out on one of the coolest, realest, most honest writers I now know.

Tahereh. TH Mafi is the most talented writer I know. Period. That would be enough to make her awesome but she is also a prolific commenter on my blog and a fiercely loyal friend. I want to compare her to Sam Gamgee/Sean Astin here but I'm concerend she may be insulted.

Candace. Candace did a guest post too for her ridiculously unique novel. Which is great, but what really strikes me about her is that she is the most like me of all the bloggers I know. She's street smart as hell but still optimistic and a dreamer. She's honest but still smart enough to know when NOT to tell the truth, but most of all she's ghetto fabulous, in a good way.

Katie the Creepy Query Girl. Katie is still a mystery to me, mostly. As an American living in France she pretty much has the life we all envy but her writing is very crisp and she has just about the most classic sounding novel I've heard of in years.

Shannon McMahon. Shannon was the first person EVER to ask me for advice about blogging. We met on NB's forums which is like an auto gold star for our friendship but seriously ... I was such a noob I didn't know what to say to her! The advice I DID give her she took to heart and now she has one of my very favorite blogs. My only complaint it that since she has her own domain she needs to set it up so that I can download her recipes. THIS CHICK CAN COOK Y'ALL!

Lindsay aka Isabella. Lindsay is another sort of shy friend just like me. She is one of my very top commentators but she is totally on top of keeping us all up with the blogoshpere on her blog.

Jen from Unedited. Can you believe this lovely lady isn't published, isn't agented and hasn't even started querying yet? I can't.

Slam Dunks. I believe this guy is an ex-cop. He may or may not even be writer (though his blogging rules, and as far as I'm concerned that counts). What I love is that he spreads the knowledge about stories that should not have yet been laid to rest. And he is a first class family man, like me (I hope).

Sheri from Graffiti Wall. Sheri, known to many as Salarsen is the hippest chick out there. She's a writer, a dancer, a mother and a lovely wife but she is down with the illest styles and spends her time doing her best to highlight other people's careers.

Lisa and Laura Roecker. I don't know quite what to say about these two but they are pretty much like rock stars. I call them Lady LiLa, which is just like Lady Gaga but with two heads and MORE style.

Elana Johnson. Elana is like the quarterback at your local high school except she's nice. The analogy only works because she's famous AND accessible but it doesn't really apply because she is so much more giving than your average Al Dallas (that was the QB's name on my Chattanooga TN HS football team. I was a tight end. I swear this is true.)

Suzette Saxton. Suzette was the first blogger to send me a Google friend connect request. Then she introduced me to several of the best blogs I've yet discovered. Her sister Bethany is pretty cool/nice too but it was Suzette who reached out to me.

And here we come to the point. This is where I want to make something crystal clear. I'm worried that I offended some people with what was taken as a complaint about Suzette. If you look at today's earlier post you'll see a comment by an anonymous poster in which I was taken to task a little for what I said about Suzette. I sincerely hope it was a misunderstanding because I have an inkling of a clue that that poster actually knows something about Suzette that I don't.

I just want it to be known that me in particular, but I suspect other novice writers feel the same, really really, REALLY appreciate that agented, soon to be published, and even sometimes published authors take the time to participate in our blogs and give of themselves selflessly, hoping to assist in others reaching their dreams as they have done.

As a contributing author on the Query Tracker blog, Suzette is one of the very few who give so much that many of us can't quite comprehend it. I'm essentially mortified that someone would think that I would say, let alone think, anything negative about her. I sincerely hope that if she finds the time to see these posts she discovers the truth at the heart of them.

I'm not the smartest guy around but I care a lot about writing, reading and publishing and I think that people like Suzette, who are willing to mentor others, even if just a little bit, should be considered gems of islands in this turbulent sea of hope toward becoming published.

That's all I have to say about this right now but I'll make a promise for the sake of posterity. If I get ten comments on this weekend post I'll do another and tell you guys a bit about my unique critique group.


Candyland said...

Hmm. Jaded?

Elana Johnson said...

:) Thanks Matthew.

Matthew MacNish said...

Oh no! I meant that in a good way Candace I swear! I know it's normally a bad word ... shit please don't be mad because I love you. I meant more like .. you've been around, are street smart and can't be fooled. I sometimes try to flip these kinds of terms around ... but I suppose I just put my foot in my mouth.

I think of myself as jaded in a good way in the sense that I've seen it all, know that most of life is shit and most people aren't worth knowing but because of that I appreciate those who are so much more. You are one of these.

Damn if this is how blogging from home is gonna go I better give up quick. I was three beers in when I wrote that post so if I offended anyone else please forgive me!?!

JE said...

No offense here. It's difficult to get points across. Typing words doesn't relay the "feeling"...readers sometimes don't get what you were actually saying. It's tough, but it's a learning curve I think anyone can get around.

I think you're the greatest, Matt.


Matthew MacNish said...

I agree JJ, and you're the best too, but I'm pretty sure Candace was just messing with me. She is way too gangster to let my petty mis-wording get to her.

Candyland said...

Hahahaha. This, my friend, is WHY I *heart* you forever and ever. Chillax:) I knew what you meant!

Matthew MacNish said...

Sorry Candace, I was just being writer sensitive, my bad!

Jemi Fraser said...

Suzette is awesome - and I assumed there was just a mix up when I read the earlier post.

I enjoyed your 'thanks' post - what a nice idea :) You've mentioned some truly awesome people!

Unknown said...

Aww Matthew! I *heart* you! I appreciated being added on this post of people I also look up to *blushing*. You are too sweet, I appreciate the kind words.

There will be one day (sooner rather than later) where you will have a copy of my book on your shelf along with all the grown-ups. Most likely signed thanks to how sweet of a blogging buddy you are!

Tahereh said...


omg such a sweet post, thank you!! :D

Courtney Barr - The Southern Princess said...

Matthew in no way does your comments or blog offend me. I hate that you are even having to apologize for anything. I have always thought the way you present your guests, your added notations and your all around personality to be one that is pleasant and upbeat.

I hope your weekend goes well ;o)

Visit My Kingdom Anytime

Jaydee Morgan said...

This was such a nice read - and I agree with what you had to say about some of these wonderful bloggers :)

Lisa_Gibson said...

That's awesome of you to recognize all these great people. Have a fantablous weekend full of awesomeness!

Kristine Asselin said...

Cool post Matt -- nice to remember folks who help out along the way.

Renae said...

What an awesome post. Being the newbie here, I love how supportive and truthful this blogging community is! As a write I think its essential to surround yourself with helpful yet blunt individuals.

Cole Gibsen said...

OMG, Matt - you are the SWEETEST!!! <3 <3 <3

It's funny, I had something similiar happen when I friended an old high school buddy of mine on facebook and I was totally being and was like "OMG I hate you because you had a baby and you're still gorgeous". I meant it in a funny/snarky way but she took it in a ur a b*tch way. *Sigh* Stupid internets and its inability to translate my funny sarcasm :(

Elliot Grace said...

...spreadin the love, good for you Matt:)

Support is the key to us starving artists.

Ted Cross said...

Writer sensitive? I think we all have to be that way at least a little, because it is so hard to get emotion across in writing and sometimes people will misconstrue what we mean. We can't take a chance on such things, so we overreact to ensure we make things clear.

Creepy Query Girl said...

lol- Thanks Matt! I'm a mystery to myself too so don't feel bad. I love every single blogger you posted about. We should have a 'blog party'. You're one of my 'read no matter whats' too!

Jessica Bell said...

Matthew, who are you? Did you fly down from the clouds to try and rub your sensitivity off onto other men who don't have a clue? I hope so!

You are also a favourite of mine and in my favourites bar for easy access along with most of the others you have mentioned. I guess we all have similar tastes in blogs and voices and styles and that's why we all ended up in your post.

I really appeciate what you have done here and it means the world to me. And no, of course I don't mind you saying that I emailed you! It started our awesome friendship, so why not?

Ok, could you please, when you have a moment send me the links of Bish Denham. I am not connected to Bish, or Cole (but I can get Cole's link from her comment. Seeing as your favourites list is almost the same as mine, I guess I wanna know about the two that are missing!!!

Great job on a great post. Don't be so afraid to offend. I think you are very sensitive about this. Seriously, trust in your instincts and feelings. I have never been offended by anything you have said, and I'm pretty sure the MAJORITY of bloggers who are following you aren't either. Keep it up! You should have put YOURSELF on this list! xx

Lindsay said...

Awww. Can't believe you included little old me with all those other awesome bloggers. *blush*

Thanks. :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I didn't think you said anything wrong about Suzette.

The support of others online has been amazing. When I began blogging, I didn't know what to expect. I certainly didn't expect a cheering section. It's very humbling.

Anne Gallagher said...

Very nice post Matthew. Bloggie love, it's what it's all about man.

Helena Carlo said...

Very, very cool post. Way to shout-out people who have made a difference.
You are just one more person who makes the writing community such a wonderful place to be.

Rachele Alpine said...

Thanks for the great post (although I like the first version of my book more!). :)

Hannah said...

You are the sweetest! What a great post!

I appreciate all the attention from anyone who reads my blog, agented or not. :)

We writers have a great community and support system. (that makes us sound like addicts or something)

I'm glad I found your blog and started blogging.

lisa and laura said...

Wow. This totally made our weekend. Thanks Matthew! We think you're pretty fabulous yourself, otherwise we all wouldn't be here!

S.A. Larsenッ said...

OMGoshhh...I can't believe you even mentioned me, Matt. You are a sweetheart. I hear what Justine D. was saying about the 'feeling' from a post. For me, this post has that *feeling* she mentioned. I in no way took your original post offensively.

I live with four skin. 'K not always but never over a post. I love your blog and thank you for blogging with me!

Matthew MacNish said...

WOW. You people are so great. I hadn't quite expected this wonderful of a reaction but I can't pretend that I'm not flattered.

The thing is I'm just a guy. I'm really not that unique. I mean I probably made a few more mistakes than most ... and then the one fundamentally different idea I had was simply to bare those moments to the world.

And now because of that one, simple little decision I now am a part of a community that is so amazing.

So supportive.

So giving.

So loving.

So goddamn human to each other I really don't know what to say about it exactly.

You people have changed my life.

I won't go into great detail because so much of what I've been through is highly personal, but I will say that about six months ago I gave up on writing.

Now I live in a different world and I will give myself some credit as I deserve, but all of you have made the biggest difference.

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

What a lovely post! I dropped in via a comment you left on Cole's blog. :) I love the tribute you wrote to your blog friends...class act!

Shannon said...

You're such a cutie patootie. :) As I said in my email, I don't think you said anything wrong - you were just expressing disappointment and concern.

Anyone who doesn't have the nads to post with their main isn't worth listening to. Srsly.

Bish Denham said...

Thanks Matt!

Talli Roland said...

What a nice post, Matt. I love how you've described all these brilliant bloggers! It's so nice to have such support around us, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Looks like I'm not the only one from Georgia. :)

I really liked the description you gave of your book; definitely something I'd want to check out! I wish you the best of luck on getting published!