Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kodi Ross's Current Query

Sorry for putting this up so late! The day job has been killing me. Tomorrow's post is the one that matters anyway.

Kodi came to me via Sarah Ahiers, who she came to via the QueryTracker forums.

Her query:

Dear Agent,

Seventeen-year-old Marnie Haynes knows there’s no such thing as magic, she stopped believing the night her father told her that her mother died due to depression and not a Siren’s song.

But in the Bay of Sirens—a craggy, island deathtrap off the coast of Ireland—odd things are happening to make Marnie rethink her beliefs.

After Marnie encounters a horse drowning a boy in the ocean, bells ringing when none are around, metal that burns her, and strange creatures from island legend appearing from nowhere, she figures she’s going insane. When she starts engaging in risky behavior her family brings her in for treatment, saying it’s time to help her mental illness before it gets any worse.

But not everyone wants to help her. When the town’s mayor claim’s Marnie is a monster and tries to poison her, then throws her off a cliff; Marnie is left hanging onto life by the strings. She’s saved by two men—both who look like monsters, with green skin, sharp teeth, and are threatening to start a war.

Her life is turned inside out when it’s revealed that she’s not crazy. She’s part-Faerie and because of the mayor’s actions, a war has been started on her behalf. Now her real father, a Kelpie in the Unseelie Army, is willing to kill anyone—even her friends and family—to get his hands on her.

Coerced into going with the Faeries to learn their ways, Marnie resolves to hate them. But as she grows closer to them, she realizes all is not what she thought. When the humans of the island hatch a plan to rid the place of the Faeries forever, it’s up to her to choose which side she’ll be on and who will survive the first, and maybe final, battle.

DARK HARBORS is a 80,000 word fantasy novel with contemporary elements that will appeal to fans of Maggie Stiefvater’s THE SCORPIO RACES.

Thank you for your time.

That's it!

Please thank Kodi for her courage, and like me, save your feedback for tomorrow.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Hey, Kodi! You've come to the right place for help with your query.

Anonymous said...

Kodi, welcome to the Master Class.

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I'll be back tomorrow!

mshatch said...

ditto what Dianne said!

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